When Index eBusiness realised how complex and overwhelming Azure and its service billing could be, he turned to his Account Manager at Giacom for support and guidance.

As a technical company that is experienced in hosting web domains, Windows, SQL and Linux servers, Mark and his team had been looking at Azure for around 2-3 years but wasn’t sure on how to make the move.

At no point did I feel uneasy or nervous about our decision to migrate to Azure with Giacom

“Our Account Manager helped us to fully understand the beast that was Azure billing. It was after a long telephone call and multiple email exchanges with Giacom that we were able to see how the Azure platform could offer us significant savings over our current platform. Any questions we had he was able to answer and those that he couldn’t he was able to go away and find out the answers. At no point did I feel uneasy or nervous about our decision to migrate to Azure with Giacom.

The Azure experience we’ve had with Giacom has been excellent

“Provisioning Azure services from the Giacom Cloud Market is so easy too. Within the portal, we’re able to choose how we display services making our lives easier all round. Plus, now that there’s a live chat feature built into their portal, technical support is a breeze.

“The Azure experience we’ve had with Giacom has been excellent, and I do not believe we would have made the switch without that backup on the end of the telephone. We’re very happy with our services from them and I see no reason why I wouldn’t recommend Giacom to other resellers – they are geared at the SMB reseller market, and they perform that role very well.”

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Who they are:

Company name: Index eBusiness Limited
Reseller since: February 2016
Currently selling: Office 365 and Azure
Total growth rate: 2500% growth in three years

Index eBusiness Limited are specialists in providing high quality Cloud Software Solutions.


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