Company name: Prestige IT Support
Reseller since: 2011
Currently selling: Cloud Network Drive

Prestige IT Support were looking for an easy way to consolidate all their customer’s files and folders into one place, radically improving workplace efficiency and delivering a clear audit trail for compliance.

When Craig Hawes, Owner of Prestige IT Support received a call from his Account Manager regarding a new product that could solve his customer pain points, he jumped at the chance to register his interest in the Pilot Programme for Cloud Network Drive.

"We had no hesitation in recommending the solution"

“We’ve always been interested in using Azure as a platform to migrate our on-premises customers, but we currently don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to do so. With Cloud Network Drive, it was so simple to set up and so familiar for our customers to use that we had no hesitation in recommending the solution to them. It’s just like using a normal mapped network drive – just add it to the PC and away we go."

"Giacom has saved us around half a day per week"

“We’ve been with Giacom for the last 8 years and consider them a onestop shop for the number of services in their cloud marketplace. With one place for our bills and one place to order, using Giacom has saved us around half a day per week in admin/accounting alone. The Giacom Cloud Market and Cloud Network Drive both come highly recommended from us – it makes things easier for us, our customers and, most importantly, keeps them happy!”

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Prestige IT Support have over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry in a diverse range of sectors ranging from military and defence to finance, automotive, education and manufacturing.

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