Customer: Systemagic
Number of employees: 10-50
Number of organisations serviced through Giacom: 1
Partner since: 2020

In 2020, Systemagic decided that their current provider wasn’t delivering the quality of service they expected, and so they switched over to Giacom. Read on to find out why Managing Director James Eades has never looked back since!

Tell us about your business and how long you’ve been with Giacom?

We’re a Managed Services Provider (MSP) based in the South West, and we’ve been around for about 23 years. We’ve been a Giacom partner now for over 2 years.

Why did you decide to look for a new Cloud Services Provider (CSP)?

Our old CSP had a slow and clunky platform which was awkward to use, but also slowed our team down when they were trying to place new orders, change licences, check customer details, etc.

And their customer service wasn’t great either. When we needed help we were very much left on our own.

So we decided we wanted a provider with better customer service, better account management and a great cloud platform.

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Why did you decide to switch to Giacom?

We’d been on Giacom’s mailing list for a while, interested to see what you guys were doing. So when we started looking around for a new provider, we already had you in mind and wanted to find out more.

We decided to switch to Giacom because we really liked your Cloud Market platform. It’s very quick compared to other CSPs we’ve used, the reporting is better particularly for billing and change reports.

And the hands-on customer service is great, being a customer-driven business ourselves we felt we were getting the same level of service back. We weren’t being sold to, we were just being explained the benefits of moving.

And we were a bit reluctant to migrate everything across, not knowing how difficult and time consuming it would be - but we had lots of help from our account manager.

How have you found Giacom’s service so far, and how does it compare to your previous CSP?

It’s like night and day, the service has been amazing. We’ve got a great account manager who keeps in touch with us if we ever need anything. The technical support team are very quick to respond.

And the Cloud Market platform is brilliant, I absolutely love it – it helps my team to do their job quicker. It’s intuitive and does everything we need it to do. Our team found it easy to pick up when we first joined Giacom.

Anthony Taylor our Account Manager was super helpful during our switch. He not only talked us through exactly what we needed doing and when, but he also completed parts of the process from his end to support his. Anthony has been absolutely great from the get-go.

Since the switch, Anthony’s continued his on-going support through regular monthly catch ups.

James Eades

"I don’t think we could’ve done the Microsoft New Commerce Experience move quite so easily with anyone but Giacom, they made it very clear with lots of helpful training and webinars to make sure we were prepared."

James Eades, Managing Director

How has switching to Giacom helped you and your business?

Giacom has saved us a lot of time and effort in managing our customers’ licences. We’ve also been provided product training and information on the latest updates. I don’t think we could’ve done the Microsoft New Commerce Experience move quite so easily with anyone but Giacom, they made it very clear with lots of helpful training and webinars to make sure we were prepared.

Giacom also made our transactions easy to manage, for example, to have all our products under one bill from one supplier.

Would you recommend Giacom to other MSPs?

Definitely, we recommend Giacom all the time! And we recommend their Cloud Market platform above all others. We’ve also recommended them to other people that we work with, so hopefully they’ll be signing up soon!

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