Customer: True MSP
Number of employees: 1-10
Number of organisations serviced through Giacom: 83
Partner since: 2018

True MSP have been with Giacom since they launched in 2018. This partnership has supported them, their end users and helped their business grow.

Tell us a little bit about you, your business and how long you’ve been a Giacom partner?

Hi I’m Tim Rookes, one of the co-owners of True MSP. We’re a Managed Services Provider (MSP) based in the East Midlands providing a range of IT services to small and medium businesses. We’ve got around 90 clients and have been going for 4 and a half years, and have been with Giacom right from the start.

How do you rate our overall service?

We’ve found Giacom’s service superb – can’t fault it to be honest! That’s the reason we’ve been with them for 4 and a half years, and never had the temptation to change or move.

How have you found our Cloud Market portal?

One of the reasons we went with Giacom is their Cloud Market portal, when we compared it other CSP’s they just didn’t seem anywhere near as good. Giacom’s portal is very easy and straight-forward to use. Our team are in that portal all day long, adding and removing licenses etc, so it’s important for us to have an easy-to-use environment with a user-friendly interface.

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How has Giacom helped you and your business?

There’s a number of ways Giacom’s helped our business. Their team has always been there for us and helped us along our journey. Also, they’ve provided efficiency through their Cloud Market portal.

How has being a Giacom partner helped your end-customers?

Giacom’s helped our customers by giving them access to the latest technology, through us. The training and resources we get from Giacom allows us to understand and roll out new tech quickly to our clients. Another benefit is the high level of technical support we get from Giacom.

Tim Rookes

"We’ve found Giacom’s service superb – can’t fault it to be honest! That’s the reason we’ve been with them for 4 and a half years, and never had the temptation to change or move."

Tim Rookes, Co-founder

How does your Account Manager support you and your business? Any examples?

Our account manager is always there for us. They get the balance right in terms of how they contact us; they don’t hassle us, but they keep us up to date with any new products and information. Recently we've had challenges with Microsoft's NCE and getting our heads around all the changes, but our Account Manager was always there to answer any questions and they made the process very smooth.

Would you recommend Giacom to other MSPs?

We’d definitely recommend Giacom to other MSPs, they’ve always been supportive of us and helped us a lot. Pre-pandemic we’ve gone to events Giacom organised and met other MSPs which was very helpful. Giacom have created a very friendly community of like-minded MSPs – who we’re still in touch with, even though they’re competitors. We wouldn’t have had this experience if we weren’t partners with Giacom. So yes, I’d recommend Giacom to any MSP.

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True MSP support their customers growth with outsourced IT support and amazing customer service.

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