Backup Cloud

Solve data challenges with instant,
reliable backup

Deliver the best-in-class backup solution to your customers with Acronis Backup Cloud. By using the 3-2-1 data backup rule, your customers’ data, workstations and servers will be protected securely in a UK Acronis data centre. Differentiate your backup offering with disk imaging technology and the instant restore feature and benefit from an easy set and forget routine. 500,000+ worldwide businesses already trust in Acronis.

  • Restore backups in minutes
  • Fully white-label the Acronis console
  • Safe and secure data encryption
  • Save time by managing backups remotely
  • Securely store data in the UK
  • Range of flexible customer packages
  • Backup all types of data, workstation and servers
  • Trusted solution from a world-leader in backup software

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Acronis is better than any other product I have used. The flexibility it allows you, especially when it comes to restores, is second to none. I’d be happy to speak with anybody to let them know how many times it has saved our clients’ bacon.

Chris Howard, Amica

Deploying Acronis is as simple as one, two, three. We can add a new client and be up and working in minutes. Any reseller can be sure in saying it’s backed up fully and can be restored.

Simon Pilling, Halifax Computers

Acronis is extremely easy to deploy – once the client is installed on the target machine all configuration can be done through the Giacom Acronis portal. The straightforward pricing allows for good margins to be made on the service.

Simon Bool, Boolean Computer Services