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Cloud computing is growing rapidly and SMBs are at the forefront of cloud adoption. With this in mind, Azure is all the things you’d expect the cloud to be – flexible, safe and economical. We know understanding Azure is no walk in the park – so we’ve created our Azure Hub, providing you with information based on your Azure knowledge.

To begin, choose a selection below based on your level of experience with Microsoft Azure.

Not cloud ready

IT Pro: You want your customers to to use cloud services but lack the sales materials to get them to switch.

Your Customers: Use on-premises solutions such as a small business server. These customers are cloud sceptics.

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Beginner cloud

IT Pro: You can deploy, configure and support cloud solutions for your customers but are unsure how to add Azure to your portfolio.

Your Customers: Started using cloud services and are open to placing their data in the cloud as long as it’s cost-effective.

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Cloud light use

IT Pro: You understand how to configure and deploy Azure Active Directory, but need guidance on selling, pricing and configuring other Azure services.

Your Customers: Currently use Azure Active Directory for single sign-on for their business applications, but want to start moving their critical workloads to Azure.

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Cloud medium use

IT Pro: You have experience in configuring and deploying various Azure services but need help tailoring Azure to different customer environments.

Your Customers: Currently host some data in Azure / AWS datacentres, but are looking to utilise public cloud more effectively to reduce on-premises costs.

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