Implementing a great UX will make your business faster


Being able to juggle and multi-task seems like almost second nature in today’s digital marketplace. It can often feel like no sooner have you grasped the capability and potential of one piece of software, another comes along that you need to get to grips with.

For businesses that are able to do this, and CIOs who focus on identifying these opportunities, it helps them stay agile and successful. It isn’t about adopting every single type of new technology, instead, it’s about identifying the ones that will help your own business and serve your customers, or clients, better.

Moving fast isn’t the only attribute that’s needed. Moving right is also important. So being able to respond to a need and finding a solution for it is one step, but it has to be something that will help your company either grow or diversify in a way that will support growth and development. Adopting something new for the sake of it being new can create more problems than it solves.

While cloud computing might seem like something new, in fact, it’s success relies on something quite old. The concept of creating and responding to both the needs and wants of customers is an idea as old as doing business. It’s about the user experience, or UX, and it’s designed to help customers and clients understand how best to engage with a product.

Of course, as well as customers, employees also need to have a good UX and in cloud computing this is increasingly important as businesses usher in platforms and applications that help make the working day easier. Thinking of employees as customers, as well as colleagues, is a vital step in making technology accessible.

Improving UX can range from developing a website to make it more accessible, easy to understand and navigate, or by making it easier to engage with different devices to work another way. The objective is to make the journey from browsing to purchasing quicker and simpler (thus converting more sales), or for employees it’s about helping them to be more productive.

Cloud based applications help with this focus on agility. Their flexibility and scalability help companies to explore different ways of doing business, often at a lower cost and ensuring they can test the technology much easier – and far cheaper – than they might have done if they were relying on legacy software.

Like with any kind of user experience, it’s important to focus on the audience and the need before the solution. Understanding what the customer wants makes it far easier to understand how your business can deliver. With technology, it can often be approached in the opposite way; tech first, solution later. But this can create more cost and focus on a technology that might not be needed.

Instead, even though it feels new and fresh, it’s important to see cloud computing and cloud based applications as simply another way of making life easier for the customer, client or employee.

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