Smart & Simple: Nimble CRM is now available in Giacom Cloud Market

nimble crm

Nimble – the smart, simple and social CRM – is now available in the Giacom Cloud Market. Rated number one for customer satisfaction by G2 Crowd in 2017, Nimble CRM builds around the way your customers work. It works inside their Office 365 and Outlook mailbox to extract information by way of AI and creates easy to view contacts, details their social history and improves customer retention rates by keeping everything in one place.

What is Social CRM?

The way we communicate with our customers as a business is constantly evolving. B2B and B2Cs are focusing their resources on delivering excellent customer service by turning to software that enables them to communicate in more intelligent, efficient ways. Social CRM is what drives the entirety of a customer’s interactions with a company. It incorporates the customer as the central point of contact and builds strategies around the way they interact with, think about or contact the company. Built as part of a multi-channel strategy, Social CRM is a communications revolution.

Why should your customers consider Nimble CRM?

According to a survey carried out by Nucleus Research, early adopters of social CRM receive an 11.8% team boost in productivity when using the software. And when 88% of CEOs believe that their most important business asset is getting closer to their customers, it’s easy to understand the benefits of implementing a social CRM database.

“It’s getting harder and harder to remember who it is you’ve spoken to, or to do the research necessary to understand who somebody is and what their business is about whenever you’re engaging with them. If you have to Google somebody before a meeting or go to your contacts or your CRM to look [that person] up, you won’t do it. That’s what Nimble solves, [it] gives you all the contact and company information you need to be effective at engagement wherever you engage.” – Jon Ferrara, founder and CEO of Nimble.

But while a social CRM helps you build better relationships with your customers or key partners, why should they consider using Nimble? Largely, it depends on what your customer is looking for in a CRM. If they’re a smaller business or a start-up and have never used a CRM database before, Nimble could be a great fit for them.

How does the software work?  

Using AI and automation processes, it eliminates manual data entry and builds your database around the way you work. So, for instance, your customer’s sales teams have received some business cards after the sales director attended a networking event. Instead of manually entering that data in as new leads, your sales team can contact them directly on an email from their Office 365 mailbox and Nimble CRM will pull through all the data associated with that contact – be it job title, company, contact number and even social media history from places such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

Nimble CRM can also search via third-party databases for the lead’s industry, the size of the business, where they are located, the number of employees, and the estimated revenue. All those menial data entry tasks are gone and are replaced with automatic processes designed to save your customers time and money.

The Reseller Benefits

So you’ve got a customer ready for Nimble CRM – but why should you resell it with us? If you’re already reselling Office 365 through Giacom, you can easily bundle Nimble CRM as an additional service for small businesses. With no contract tie-ins, easy monthly billing and exclusive partner discounts, you’ll be able to purchase Nimble CRM directly from our reseller-only channel, the Giacom Cloud Market.

For more information on Nimble CRM, feel free to contact us directly on 0333 332 0888.

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