Why Dynamics 365 is Perfect for your SMB Customers

Many small to medium-sized businesses find it difficult to implement solutions that fit to their needs. SMBs often need access to a wide range of software, including financial services, project management, a purchase order system and a CRM to store all their customer data. Over the years, it’s become increasingly easier to face these challenges with software that contains both ERP and CRM software, however, these solutions are expensive and generally not fit-for-purpose for a small company that employs 20 members of staff.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Edition is one of the best solutions that incorporates both ERP and CRM at an affordable price for small businesses. Customers that are concerned about moving their data from on-premises ERP solutions to the cloud need not worry with Microsoft’s stringent security and GDPR compliance, too.

5 Features SMBs want from a CRM & ERP solution

  1. Flexible licensing options
  2. Allows for business growth so they can scale easily
  3. Pricing for light / heavy users that’s affordable
  4. Access to their data outside of the office
  5. Easy to use, easy to customise and integrates seamlessly with other applications

Dynamics 365 Enterprise and Business Central ticks off feature listed above (and more), giving your customers ample room to grow and succeed in business. CRM and ERP software no longer sit in opposite corners without talking to each other, as Dynamics contains the ‘Common Data Service’ model, meaning that data is shared seamlessly between the two systems. All your business processes are under one roof, speaking the same language.

In terms of pricing, Dynamics 365 offers tiered models for larger user deployments and a license named ‘Team Members’ for both Enterprise and SMB. So, if a Sales Administrator or a Marketing Assistant only needs read access to customer data, they can easily do so with a Team Members subscription. Small businesses no longer need to spend excessive amounts on software if only a handful of employees need access to the full features.

Case Study

Briware Solutions Inc is a small business located in Ontario, Canada. As a Microsoft partner, the company has worked with Dynamics software for more than five years, deploying it to their client base, while offering true value with consulting, training and support. Briware began using and selling Microsoft Dynamics GP on-premises but soon realised the cost of maintaining the server was too high, losing 30 hours of business-time a month to supporting clients.

When Dynamics 365 was released in 2016, Briware Solutions moved all their systems to the cloud, which took approximately 3 weeks (in between business hours). Dynamics 365 now houses all their financials, project accounting and billing, while Zendesk and Teamwork applications integrate via an API as customer service desk and project management software. In 2018, they started implementing Dynamics 365 for Sales as part of their CRM – something that was missing from Dynamics GP as an ERP solution.

“Dynamics 365 Business Edition is still a viable product for a company that wants a simple rapid implementation of a product that is flexible, configurable, and scalable. I’m still using it and I’m still selling it.

Of course, I still recommend Dynamics GP for many of my customers. But now I can go to a much smaller customer and say, “You know what? You’re not complex enough for something like Dynamics GP yet.” And in some cases, they never will be. My company is a great example. Even if my business got to 20 people next week, our processes and our models are very simple. Dynamics 365 is the right fit for me.” – Briware Solutions Inc.

Read the full article, here.

Need an extra hand?

Dynamics 365 may not be the right fit for all your customers, but Business Central Edition is a great out-of-the-box package for small businesses that want to scale and grow within the cloud. If you’re looking for additional sales and marketing materials to help you sell Dynamics, our Giacom Academy has plenty of materials to help you create the perfect pitch. Simply navigate to your Cloud Market and click on the ‘Support’ tab to find the Academy. Alternatively, you can always contact our Sales team for more info on 0333 332 0888

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