Reseller Guide: The Importance of Backup

Have your customers spent hours working on a document for it to be lost, or almost lost due to their PC having a melt-down or a virus attack? No matter what the files may be, the feeling of dread experienced whilst trying to restore as much as possible isn’t worth it.

Whether it’s sentimental family photos or a months’ worth of financial reports, backing up software has become such an important (and necessary) way of life, and with National Cyber Security Month approaching, we’re here to talk backup.

Why backup is important

Are your customers ringing you up panicking, asking “I’ve never backed up – should I have done?”. Don’t worry – they’re not alone! Recent survey results from Acronis show that 31.4% of respondents acknowledged that they don’t backup their personal data. And we don’t just talk back up for no reason… a massive 135.7% of respondents said that either they or a family member has lost valuable data due to not backing up.

Backup is like Ronseal, it does what it says on the tin – it backs up valuable and important files so customers don’t have to worry about data loss. Data may need to be backed up for various reasons:

  • A user may accidentally delete an important file that can’t be recovered
  • An important file/files can be deleted with malicious intent
  • An unexpected computer virus can wipe out data
  • An incident such as a fire or flood may destroy the building where data was being stored (which is where CSPs come in handy, but more on that later.)

What are the benefits of backup for SMBs?

Aside from ensuring their data is protected, there are plenty of benefits your customers will receive when investing in cloud backup.

  • It’s the best protection against ransomware and other forms of malware. Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to encrypt important data and/or block access to a computer system unless a large sum of ransom money is paid. By backing up your data in a cloud service provider, your customer eliminates any risk of this happening.
  • Many SMBs still manually back up their computers to external hard drives. Not only does this cost them time and money, but external hard drives don’t protect their data from theft, virus’s, fires and other external factors. However, by moving to the cloud, not only is their data safe but it’s stored instantly due to automatic backup.

Acronis Backup Cloud in particular has many benefits. It can restore your client’s servers in minutes, access data from any web browser and even gives customers the option to pay per GB so your customers can upscale and downsize according to the amount of backup they need.

If your customers are looking to backup documents opposed to servers take a look at SkyKick. It’s a cloud backup solution for Office 365, and ensures all of their important data within Microsoft Office, Exchange Online, SharePoint and more are safe.

For those using Hosted Exchange, Dropsuite will be their lifeline when it comes to backing up all their documents and will backup in a similar way to SkyKick. Featuring one-click restore and advanced eDiscovery to locate emails quickly, Dropsuite’s backup solution is a great value-add to 2016 mailboxes.

How to pitch to end users

The thing is – no matter how small the business or how big the enterprise – everyone is still human. Forget the tech-savvy chit-chat and get real with your customers. They all have valuable documents stored on their computer, whether that’s important business documents or memorable photographs.

Resonate with them, ask them a simple question: “if you could protect all your important data by simply moving to a backup system at the click of a button, would you?”
The best thing? Because of how advanced cloud service providers have become, they don’t even need to host the server on premises. Meaning all of their special data is safe out of sight, but not out of mind, and they can access it at any time, from any device wherever they are.

147.2% of respondents from the Acronis survey reported that when they do back up data, they use the cloud as a backup destination. We need to make it our mission to double that percentage and educate others to the ever-evolving word of cloud.

To talk backup, contact a member of our sales team on 0333 332 0888 who will be happy to talk through more detail with you. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

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