The Importance of Email Encryption

Hacking and ransomware, are just two of the dangers facing your email users today, so how do you ensure your customers have message control, encryption and secure file sharing with a light IT touch? At Giacom,we work closely with DeliverySlip (formerly known as Cirius) to provision best in class encryption that keeps customer communications and brands safe.

DeliverySlip is far more than simply encryption. It’s a secure communications platform that empowers greater collaboration and productivity that enables businesses to simply and securely send, receive, track, and control communications with anyone on any device using existing email addresses and without changing any existing infrastructure. Find out below a few reasons why we love DeliverySlip… 

Communications Control

DeliverySlip gives users real time notifications when an email is received/read, as well as control over whether the email can be replied to or forwarded on, the ability to completely revoke a message after it has been sent and a password protection function for sensitive information.

Smarter Decisions

A key benefit of DeliverySlip is the real-time knowledge about when emails are received, opened, printed or deleted – this removes the need for responses from recipients or follow ups.

Install and Go

DeliverySlip requires no maintenance once installed and delivers significant cost savings over in-house solutions that can be expensive to implement and look after.

Reduces Overheads

There are a wide range of savings to be enjoyed by using DeliverySlip – you can deliver to your customers cost reductions in software subscriptions for e-signatures and file sharing, not to mention savings in postage, fax lines, couriers, shredding and paper file storage.

DeliverySlip Key Features at a Glance

  • Advance encryption to secure messages and attachments – no phishing, malware or spam.
  • Large files & e-Approval / e-Signature straight from the mail client
  • SSO & message control Sign in and go, with access to OneDrive, SharePoint and Google Drive.
  • Message control with options such as forward freeze, deadlines and reminders, and true message recall.
  • Mobility built in – your customers can access secure messages either through their mobile browser or a DeliverySlip app for Android, iOS or Windows phones.

DeliverySlip for Office 365

DeliverySlip protects and enhances business communication workflows with encryption, legally-binding e-approvals and e-signatures, secure large file sharing up to 5GB alongside existing Office365 tools. DeliverySlip works seamlessly inside Office 365 on all systems and mobile devices— Mac, PC, desktop, mobile, Android, iOS — adding flexibility, advanced security, and additional email functionality to all your clients’ communication devices.

For more information on DeliverySlip, contact your Giacom Account Manager or visit today.

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