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Mitel and Yealink Handsets for every Hosted Voice package


All Giacom partners can now order Mitel and Yealink handsets exclusively through our Cloud Market. Designed to be paired with our Hosted Voice packages, the handsets come in a range of series with many different features available for your customers.

All handsets will be distributed by our Mitel partner and come with a standard warranty and technical support, ensuring that you receive the best quality. Orders will be processed by your Giacom Account Manager and we estimate a turnaround of two working days from initial order to receiving stock.

Mitel 6900


A powerful phone that’s perfect for the modern enterprise user. As one of the newest in the Mitel series and designed as a flexible system with high quality communication experience, the 6900 series provides support for USB, Bluetooth and Analog handsets and features Gigabit Ethernet connections. Plus, your customers will also get crystal clear HD audio, phonebook and a high quality full-duplex speakerphone.

The 6900 series includes the following models...


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A standard cordless phone system that’s designed specifically for small businesses. This powerful yet delicate device allows your customers to make calls at the drop of a hat, without the complex features. As a DECT handset, it includes all the regular features your customers will expect such as a speakerphone, phonebook and an analog port. Your customers will also benefit from eco mode, receive a cordless device and benefit from 3-way conference calls.

The Yealink W52TP SIP DECT Handset is the only model available. Partners can also purchase additional handsets and signal repeaters too.

Yealink W52TP SIP DECT

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For specific model features, please contact your Account Manager on 0333 332 0888

1. All handsets can also be purchased with patch leads from 1.5m to 10m.

2. Orders will be processed manually by Giacom, partners must send their order details via a PO or Email to, and include the following information: Unit Type and Quantity, Business Name, Contact Name, Telephone Number, Invoice Email Address and the Order Total with a delivery charge excluding VAT.

3. All orders will ship only when items are available. We estimate a turnaround of two working days, though in the unlikely event of low stock this may take up to five working days.

4. Orders will be delivered by DPD and can either be placed as Standard Next Day Delivery between 9am and 6pm, or pre-noon delivery between 7.30am and 12pm.

5. Giacom are only able to supply handsets to partners that have active Hosted Voice orders in place.

6. All partners will soon be able to process their Mitel Handset order in the Giacom Cloud Market, please stay tuned for more information.