World Backup Day 2017: Reasons to buy Acronis Backup Cloud

Friday, March 31, 2017

For some, it’s the kind of thought that chills their whole body, for others it doesn’t even cross their mind. But what would you do if you lost all your data? Imagine if all your important documents, your emails, home videos and pictures were gone for good. What would you do?

This Friday, it’s World Backup Day and it’s forcing a lot of us to confront an ugly truth – we don’t back up as much as we should. In truth, losing all your files is much more common than you’d possibly think. For example, if you’ve recently lost your phone or tablet on a business trip, those files tied to the device would be irretrievable. But if you’d synced your files in the cloud and backed up your data, those files would easily be retrieved.

OK, so before you have a minor panic attack, remember that 30% of internet-savvy people have never backed up their data. In fact, more than 100 phones are lost or stolen every minute – that includes every image taken, file or video downloaded, and any additional information stored. It isn’t just losing things that cause a loss of data though as one tenth of computers worldwide are infected with a virus, malware or ransomware every month, meaning data can be stolen.

To counter this, World Backup Day is encouraging people to explore the ways in which they can back up their data and reduce the risk of loss. They have a pledge asking people to promise to back up all their documents and pictures on Friday, 31st March, and to tell family and friends so it doesn’t happen to them.

What’s best for backup?

Well, if your customers are already set up in the cloud it’s much easier than you think. You can set up a separate folder which copies all data across and hosts it in a separate and secure space, like keeping everything in a safe.

With the Giacom Cloud Market, you’ll have access to world-leading backup solutions at your fingertips with the ability to provision Acronis Backup Cloud. From servers and workstations to flexible pay per GB storage for portable devices, Acronis Backup Cloud allows you to resell to your customers at a competitive price. Ensure safe and secure backups for your customers’ data from an award-winning solution that encrypts all data at its source and stores it securely in a UK-based Acronis Tier-IV Data Centre.

Remember to get your customers to adhere to the 3-2-1 Backup rule. Make sure they store three copies of their data using two different media types and host one copy offsite. When they choose the Cloud to back up data, they can keep it secure and log in from wherever they are on any web browser, on either a phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Keeping our digital data secure is easy; it’s remembering to do so which is the hard part. Regular backups are vital and with World Backup Day, no one will ever forget. So remember, backup on Friday… and then do it every Friday or more!

For more information, visit the official website.

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