The top 3 tips for finding the right formula to balance business and personal growth

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

It’s something that most people struggle with - finding that balance between business growth and personal growth. We need both, we can’t truly grow if one of the two elements is missing or remaining stagnant.

It’s something that most people struggle with - finding that balance between business growth and personal growth. We need both, we can’t truly grow if one of the two elements is missing or remaining stagnant. Yet most of us struggle to find that balance in everyday life. Can you guess which of the two often gets left behind?

With 52% of Executives stating business building in their top-three priorities for expansion [1], you’re probably spending a fair amount of time and money on business growth. Not everyone gives the same attention to personal growth, though. Yet spending some time (and even some money) on personal growth for you and for your team can pay dividends.

One of the key struggles when it comes to business and personal growth is workaholism! Of course, we cannot deny that it got even harder last year. UK workers have increased their working week by almost 25% since the COVID pandemic [2], and with the option to now work from anywhere in the world, differentiating between the office and your home space has only become more challenging. Which means finding the right formula has only become more complex. Couple all of that with the huge increase in support requests and you can be forgiven for not finding the time to even think about your personal growth!

Uncovering what works for you and your team might take some trial and error (after all, everyone and every team is different), but to get you started here are our 3 top tips:

Help your team find their formula first

It’s not new news. The happier your workforce, the more productive they will be. Happy, productive employees are more likely to stay with you, so more time (and cost) saved on recruitment. It’s not all about perks and expensive benefits either. Getting some of the basics right can really make a difference. For us, this means a focus on mental health and making sure to find that time to breathe.

We make sure our team know that we understand how important mental as well as physical health is, and where to go if they are struggling. Evidence suggests that 12.7% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions [3], so by making this a priority you’ll not only be offering the support your people may need, but having better mental health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year [4].

Giving people time to breathe and take a break has become more important than ever in the new world of back-to-back Teams meetings. Let’s face it…being on camera for hours at a time can be tiring for all of us. At Giacom we’ve addressed this head on. Regular business-wide ‘coffee and catch up’ sessions remind our team that even though we’re here to do a job, it’s OK to take a breather, a coffee break or a ‘water-cooler’ catch up. We’ve started a ‘no meeting hour’ over lunchtime too, encouraging everyone to use at least 30 minutes away from their computer to enjoy some fresh air, good food or both.

Remote or hybrid working longer-term can help your team find their balance. A recent survey shows that a whopping 65% of employees said they would be more productive in a home office than a normal office, 75% said they would be more productive due to reduced distractions, and 83% of employees feel they don’t need an office to be productive [5].

Know thyself... and work around it!

What energises you personally? For some people it’s learning…digging around to find out how that new tech works and how it compares. For some, nothing clears the head and helps focus like a quick run. For others, it’s spending time with family. Understanding your mood-switcher and making time for it can turn a bad day or week around and make you (and the people around you) happier.

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella explains how he finds his formula at a recent conference and how for him, it’s about quality over quantity:

“The moments that I’m there with my children…that is the moment that I want to be present. And that is what gives me that harmony to carry on with what is perhaps otherwise a very tough work-life balance.” [6]

Running a business is always going to be time consuming and client demands are often ‘right now’, but for a lot of jobs, when you do them can really affect how much of your time they take to complete. Are you most productive in the morning? Or do you deal with admin tasks best when there’s a hard close deadline and you have to fire through them? It might sound really simple, but making small changes based on what works for you can free up hours.

Don’t Try to Do Everything From Scratch!

This is where we can help you. The benefit of working in the channel is the network of vendors and suppliers who want you to succeed and have put resources in place to help you grow your business – fast. An indirect CSP like Giacom is invested in your business’ success. We only sell through the channel, so our whole business exists to help MSPs grow and manage their business. From selecting the right software solutions, to building a platform to provision them with time saving integrations, training support, learning resources, on-demand help, updates and go to market materials to use in sales meetings. The right CSP partnership should give you time back to live your life and help you to achieve your business growth goals.

A trusted CSP partnership is our final top tip in finding the right formula for you.

If you’re interested in a conversation about how we could work together, why not fill out the form below and we’ll schedule a chat.

[1] McKinsey and Company
[2] The Guardian
[3] Mental Health Foundation
[4] Mental Health Foundation
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[6] CNBC

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