Why Microsoft 365 Business Premium is a winner for MSPs

Monday, December 14, 2020

Change is constant where Microsoft products are concerned, and not too long ago the company reconfigured its offerings. What was once Office Business Premium is now known as Microsoft 365 Business Standard – and what was Microsoft 365 Business is now Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

Let’s take a look at some of its key features to better understand why Microsoft 365 Business Premium is fast becoming the SaaS of choice for MSPs and their customers.

Secure & stable

Over the last few years (even before COVID-19) Microsoft has worked tirelessly to provide customers with an accessible, secure, and scalable software-based stack in the cloud. When everything is accessible via the cloud, software can be kept up to date without any interruption to the user experience. This doesn’t just apply to one device – it applies to all: every desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

With this in mind, Microsoft 365 Business Premium was introduced. Designed to support the needs of its customers, it’s fundamentally a more secure version of Microsoft Office. It combines all the benefits of both Basic and Standard, but has added security features that have really had a chance to shine in recent months.

The reason? Remote working.

The coronavirus crisis has created an environment that has stretched security practices. Remote working and distributed teams have also accelerated the adoption of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). While this has helped many people adjust to their new working environment, it’s presented problems for many IT security professionals.

With a far greater number of devices now being used to access a company’s data, the risk of breaches has increased dramatically. Phishing attacks, for example, have increased throughout the course of the pandemic as hackers look to take advantage of the disparity between security standards and modern workplace practices.

However, many companies are now using Windows Virtual Desktop to enable their teams to work remotely without compromising data security – a programme that comes as part of the Premium package.

Keeping data protected & intact

With a cloud service like Microsoft Business Premium, if a device is compromised, business data can be wiped or rolled back – leaving the rest of the data on the device intact. This protects the user’s personal data, while also ensuring company data is not jeopardised.

Many smaller businesses have been able to make the shift to remote working more easily than large companies because they don’t have complex mechanisms in place. However, from an IT security perspective, they are the most vulnerable to attack. A small accounting firm, for instance, won’t have an IT specialist to offer in-house support. As a result, they’re unlikely to understand the risks or how to mitigate them effectively.

Small businesses are unlikely to have large reserves of capital if, say, a ransomware attack is successful. They need to be mindful of this and be able to trust that a provider like Microsoft and MSPs like you, offer everything needed to provide the services and security they need to thrive.

With the world still full of so many uncertainties, one thing you can guarantee your customers is the best possible remote working experience with Microsoft Business Premium.


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