Understanding Dynamics 365: applications & package Overview

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

When it comes to understanding Microsoft Dynamics’ inner workings, it may seem like there’s a deluge of technical information available which can be difficult to break down to your customers. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But Dynamics 365 doesn’t have to complicated. Here, we’ll break down Dynamics 365 into easy-to-understand chunks, focusing on the differences between Dynamics 365 Business Central and Enterprise SKUs.

What is Dynamics 365?

It’s a single unified offering with tools for both CRM and ERP. Designed for the modern business to sell more effectively, strategise better and market smarter, the two-in-one cloud solution offers access to several applications, including:

  • Sales – Generate leads and nurture customer relationships with access to a system that streamlines the natural sales process.
  • Customer Service – Drive customer engagement and personalise their experience so your employees can work smarter and aid the customer faster.
  • Field Service – Optimise your service schedule and enhance real-time communication between customer service and dispatch employees.
  • Talent – Uses a comprehensive set of HR tools to attract,onboard and employ future talent.
  • Finance and Operations – Bring multiple financial and operational systems together with a single view in Dynamics to process information easier and much more efficiently.
  • Retail – Unify digital, in-store, and back office operations to personalise customer engagement and increase employee productivity.
  • Project Service Automation – Deliver projects on time and in budget with an efficient system that helps streamline the entire project from start to finish.
  • Marketing – Bring together your marketing and sales teams with an application that aids collaboration between content, emails and data.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Predict patterns in sales, gain insight to help make better business decisions and nurture customers with relevant data.
  • Mixed Reality – Includes SKUs such as Layout and Remote Assist to help technicians solve customer problems faster when working remotely or helps them build physical designs from concept to reality.
  • Microsoft Social Engagement, Microsoft Flow and PowerApps

Each of these modules offer various ways to make businesses more agile, transforming the way they work to enhance productivity and streamline processes. But if you’re new to the world of Dynamics, here’s a quick overview of the two distinct offerings.

Business Central

Target Market: SMBs / SMEs
SKUs: Essentials and Premium
Key Modules: Project, Financial, Operations, Supply Chain and Sales & Service Management Applications
Reporting & Analytics: Included
Team Member Licenses: Yes
Recommendation: Unless your customer wants ERP included in their package, Business Central is not recommended as a direct transitional SKU from Dynamics CRM Online or Dynamics CRM 2016. Instead, the Business Central SKUs are recommended for those SMB / SMEs already using a CRM (such as Salesforce or Zoho) and are looking to transition to Dynamics 365.


Target Market: Medium to large enterprise businesses
SKUs: Enterprise Edition, Customer Engagement, Customer Service, Sales, Project Service Automation, Marketing, Field Service, Team Members, AI for Sales
Tiered Pricing: Yes, available for certain SKUs
Reporting & Analytics: Included
Team Member Licenses: Yes
Recommendation: If your customer is transitioning from Dynamics CRM Basic, the recommended transitional SKU is Customer Service, giving your customers everything that they have access to already. Those on CRM Professional licenses will want to transition to the Sales SKU. For larger customers who want access to read/write access for all modules, the Enterprise Edition license will be most suited for their needs.

There are so many different SKUs and transitional options available for Dynamics 365, that it’s easy to be confused. If you’d like some additional information on what’s included in each package, contact our Account Management team on 0333 332 0888.


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