Why Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional is perfect for your customers

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Dynamics 365 is the perfect tool for Office 365 Business and Enterprise users who want to streamline their customer journeys. But the transition to using a more sophisticated CRM isn’t always easy – especially for smaller businesses. Many SMBs often use manual processes via Excel, Google Sheets, Smartsheets or other data processing software to manage customer sales, making it difficult to track and record the overall customer experience. With these manual processes in place, it’s easy to see why 60% of companies lack a well-designed sales process.

Why Dynamics 365?

Getting the customer experience right is the hardest part of any sales journey. When 82% of customers want a seamless, cross channel experience with more human interaction, making smarter decisions based on real-time intelligence is definitely the way forward. Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional is perfect for businesses who are looking to make the transition from on-prem or basic CRM, Outlook Contact Manager (OCM), or a homegrown solution.

If your customers are outgrowing their basic sales tools or are experiencing low sales morale from ineffective processes, the Sales Professional SKU could be the right fit for their business. With all the basic features of a CRM, such as Accounts, Contacts, Lead Opportunities and the ability to send mass emails, through to more sophisticated features regarding products, price lists, bundling, quotes, orders and invoices, Sales Professional comes with easy-to-use and familiar features for your customers, so they can make smarter, more intelligent decisions.

If the shoe doesn’t fit…

When Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional doesn’t quite match your customers needs, the Enterprise SKU delivers a much more intelligent solution for more complex and sophisticated needs. It’s often targeted towards those who are using Office 365 E3+ or Microsoft 365 E3+ and is ideal for businesses who want to utilise it for their in-house marketing teams. If your customer is looking for measurable deliverables (KPIs etc), the Sales Insights add-on sheds greater intelligence on customer interactions and topics of interest through AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Here’s a quick overview of how Sales Pro and Enterprise compare:

Overview of how Sales Pro and Enterprise compare

Save 25% on net new Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional Licenses

If you think your customer would benefit from Sales Pro, it’s now the right time to persuade them to move. From now until 31st October 2019, CSP Indirect Resellers can save 25% on new net Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional licenses and lock in the price for up to three years. It’s ideal for any new business you bring on board over the 10-user minimum requirement (and up to 75 users max). To take advantage of this great offer, visit cloud.market or call us on 0333 332 0888 for more information.

Dynamics 365 may not be suitable for all your customers, but – as one of our customers says – its beauty is in how it can change a business for the better, enabling them to measure exactly where their business is, and have KPIs at their fingertips.


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