5 tips on educating your employees about cyber security

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

When it comes down to cyber security 101, educating your employees should be at the top of the list to keeping your business safe. Hardware failure is the number one cause when it comes to data loss, with human error following a close second. With this in mind, here are our top 5 tips on how to educate your employees on cyber security.

Top 6 causes of data loss

Train employees to recognise and respond to a cyber-attack

As part of your company’s security strategy, appropriate training courses in cyber security should be mandatory to ensure your employees are aware of what to do should a cyber attack strike, and the signs to look out for.

Need a hand getting started with your training? One of our vendors, Vade Secure, has put together a great interactive quiz to test your phishing IQ. This quiz involves examples from both threatening and non-threatening emails to test you and your employees to see if you can spot the signs of a potential attack. You can access this quiz here: https://phishing-iq-test.com/giacom. Don’t forget to tweet us your results here!

Check emails, then check again

When your employees receive an email asking for sensitive data, ask them to triple check the recipients email address. With spear-phishing on the rise, cyber criminals are likely to pose as the CEO or director level from your business, demanding important or sensitive information. Hackers craft these emails to make them sound as realistic as possible, so it’s important that your employees make sure the recipients’ email is legitimate and don’t fall for their tricks.

Organise regular cyber security sessions

With our busy day to day lives, sometimes security can fall to the back of our minds – including all of your employees. With that in mind, why not organise regular cyber security chats? These sessions could consist of discussing any new, arising cyber threats, as well as sharing any cyber incidents they have come across.

Username and password management

As well as educating your employees on the type of attacks to look out for, it’s important to also teach them prevention methods to try and stop attacks from the get go. There are several ways to help prevent cyber-attacks, and username and password management on top of an effective security solution is a great start.

Teach your employees the basics such as regularly changing passwords, using a combination of letters and numbers and to make them less predictable.

Secure website browsing

Whilst it’s important that your employees know the signs when it comes to suspicious emails, identifying malicious websites is also incredibly important. It’s important to train your employees to look out for signs that identify an unsecure website such as HTTPs, company validation and the lock icon.

Taking all the above tips into consideration is a great way to create a safer environment to your customers. It’s time to create awareness, stay up to date with cyber security news and ensure we follow the appropriate steps to staying safe online.


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