How to continue to expand your business as an IT owner

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

For IT business owners worldwide, it can be difficult to expand from being a small company to a larger company. Particularly in the current climate, where competition is more fierce than ever.

But, while the thought of expanding may be overwhelming, it’s important to remember that there are solutions available to make the transition easier and more profitable. The Worldwide Public Cloud Service Revenue Forecast projects consistent growth in the industry over the coming years, so now is the time to start taking the first steps towards IT business expansion!

Below are four ways you can continue to expand your IT business without burning holes in your pockets, making cutbacks or taking risks. Read on and discover how these simple steps can help you take on your toughest competitors.

1. Simplify and streamline your processes

If you’re hoping to scale up your business, chances are any changes you make will impact multiple departments and how your teams work within them. To minimise the impact of this, it’s best practice to take as much strain off your individual departments as possible, by simplifying and streamlining operations.

Automation can be achieved in multiple ways, and whether you choose to try simplified billing, PSA integrations or other process automations, your accounting department (and other key areas of your business) will surely thank you in the long run. Plus, not only will this simplification impact your company operations in-house, but it will also improve customer experience and allow for quicker conversions.

With less time being spent on operations such as billing and processing, and more time on your hands to focus on scalability, you’ll be able to support more clients and continue your business growth well into the future.

2. Diversify your offering to attract more clients

It goes without saying that the recent pandemic has likely changed the way we work forever - and bold, ambitious businesses are already capitalising on this! By diversifying the solutions they have to offer and including remote-friendly adaptations, such as video conferencing upgrades and powerful cloud servers, IT companies the world over are growing by the day.

With timely, relevant offerings under your belt, you’ll be able to attract far more clients who are likely in need of technological support when it comes to adjusting to the new way of working. While many will have already put new systems in place, there is always room for improvement. Offering cyber security and cyber security training will make your services a necessary investment for multiple companies.

3. Develop a powerful marketing and sales strategy

With the right focus in terms of marketing strategy, there are no limits to where you can take your IT business. It’s worth considering where you’re going to focus your marketing and sales efforts if you haven’t already - and even if you do have a strategy in place, it may need to be refreshed to stay in line with relevant trends or adjustments to your target clients.

For example, make sure you're aware of any particular clients or industries who will be likely to invest in your services - this will probably have changed in the past year due to the unforeseen circumstances. Consider that hospitality companies will be unlikely to need upgraded IT, whereas companies in the recruitment or healthcare industries will need more services than ever before.

With a powerful marketing and sales strategy targeting the most thriving industries directly, you can make yourself the go-to IT service provider in that field. Partnering with a CSP like Giacom can give you powerful, market-ready campaigns and materials that will help you make an impact from the word ‘go’.

4. Utilise Microsoft incentives

Until 30th September 2021, all partners purchasing Microsoft CSP licenses through the Cloud Market can watch their profits grow even further (and save up to 35%) thanks to the Microsoft CSP reseller incentive.

While these incentives provide great benefits to many companies, they can often be difficult to understand and confusing to claim. If you’re worried about how to ensure you’re making the most of your investment and that any new licenses are secure, don’t be - at Giacom, we support all of our customers who want to claim their Microsoft benefits and we’ll be able to provide any information you need regarding Microsoft services.

5. Prepare Your Business For Significant Growth

With the right mindset, unlimited growth is well within reach. Small businesses across the world are going to need an MSP now more than ever - a survey found 96% of small business owners agree that technological adaptations will be necessary to support working from home. Make your business the best choice for companies looking for IT services with help from Giacom.

Whether you need marketing and training support, PSA and billing integration or other time-saving Cloud solutions, Giacom can help you build an IT business fit to compete with the very best.

Find out how Giacom can help your business

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  • Straightforward pricing
  • Easy on easy off
  • Simple end of month billing
  • Support on-demand
  • Marketing and training


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