The rise of BYOD culture and how to mitigate security risks

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Bring your own device (BYOD) culture is rapidly increasing in the modern workplace. A recent study conducted by Hexa Research reveals that the BYOD market is projected to surpass £350 billion by 2022.

As such, adoption rates for BYOD remain high. It’s estimated that around 75% of employees in high-growth markets and 45% in developing ones are currently using their own devices at work. In retrospect, this makes sense. Employees are more comfortable using their own devices as it eliminates the hassle of switching between a work device and a personal one. Businesses see the benefits too, reducing their OpEx and CapEx costs, while employee productivity rates are increased by 34 per cent.

The popularity of softphone apps

BYOD culture also influences purchasing decisions within a company, specifically when it comes to desk phones. With the popularity of WhatsApp, Skype and Slack used for business and personal VoIP calls and messaging, using your smartphone to make, receive and transfer business calls is the way forward. As users feel more familiar with a cloud-based softphone, it’s easy to see why businesses would make the transition to VoIP.

CloudTalk is one of those solutions. Coming soon to the Giacom Cloud Market, it’s a flexible, scalable and easy-to-use softphone app. Based on the SaaS model, everything with CloudTalk is instant. By using the self-service management portal, setup time and deployment can be done in minutes. With a click you can, add and remove users as you desire, assign local numbers from over 640 UK geographic locations, and make changes with simple configuration tools.

A modern office on the move

The freedom and flexibility that CloudTalk offers businesses makes it easier for them to be more productive wherever and whenever they like. Customers can seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile apps, as well as change between UK 01, 02, 03 and 07 numbers, so they remain professional in any location. Plus, if your customer needs to manage their calls and call settings, they can do so from within the app. With HD audio quality that runs at a far superior bit-rate to traditional systems, CloudTalk means business on the move is smoother.

Mitigating Security Risks

Of course, with employee access to company contacts or CRM data from their smartphone, security becomes a big concern. There are clear and obvious concerns for businesses when rolling out a company-wide BYOD policy to employees; data theft, physical device theft and the line drawn between personal and corporate data privacy. Companies can mitigate this risk by using an Enterprise Mobility solution. In the past, these solutions would mean installing an agent – often seen as an invasive tool – on employee’s devices, which would monitor access to corporate data. Fortunately, cloud-based tools such as MDM (Mobile Device Management) and MAM (Mobile Application Management) which comes with Microsoft Intune, or included with Enterprise Mobility + Security, helps to offset this concern while protecting the employee’s right to privacy.

With the global MDM market expected to grow from 2017’s USD 2.36 Billion to USD 7.86 Billion by 2023*, there’s a clear trajectory for BYOD growth in business. Before your customers can even entertain the BYOD culture, IT resellers must help them craft a BYOD policy that meets the current UK government compliance standards. Outline the basics; supported devices, security requirements, protecting corporate and personal data, and the process of how employee departures, theft or loss of device will be handled. Once you’ve got a policy for your customers, the rest will slot into place.

For more information on CloudTalk, Enterprise Mobility + Security or Microsoft Intune contact your Account Manager on  0333 332 0888.

*Source: report, 2018


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