Making a case for Microsoft PowerApps

Friday, January 8, 2021

Many businesses today still lack ways to aggregate and visualise data. Much of what companies store is either incomplete or, more commonly, siloed from other sections of the business. However, as an MSP, you are now able to provide more sophisticated insight and automation-focused solutions – deploying Microsoft PowerApps.

Let’s take a closer look at how PowerApps can have a positive impact on your customers’ day-to-day business.

Better, Faster, Stronger

Ten years ago, most MSPs were focused on hardware as well as software. Fast forward to 2020, and they’re no longer concerned with outdated hardware and lengthy spells of software coding to meet individual client needs.

Thanks to the cloud, and the rapid adoption of SaaS platforms, customer requirements can be built quickly. Using systems like PowerApps, data from across a business’ network can be easily collated and used to generate everything from customer insights to task automation – solutions that integrate with the wider Microsoft 365 stack that many small businesses are already using.

Integrated & Centralised

Take a simple customer ordering system for example – something that can be easily automated. A customer website visitor is provided with an order email template which they complete and send back.

With PowerApps configured correctly, a series of trigger actions can take place. This could include scheduling a call with a member of the sales team with a link to their calendar availability, or an automated response confirming the specific contents of the order itself

By integrating PowerApps with the wider Microsoft 365 suite with apps like SharePoint and Forms (as in the example) smaller companies have an opportunity to reduce time spent on repetitive activities – thanks to quick and effective value building tools which can help them continue to nurture customer relationships.

In a similar way, PowerApps also enables teams to import data from different parts of their business into an app like Power BI – and rapidly deploy dashboards that illustrate metrics and real-time analytics.

A Point Of Difference For MSPs

Being able to provide tailored software solutions to your clients – the kind that make a huge difference to them, but require minimal effort from you – is a huge differentiator: especially when all that your closest competitors can offer are traditional managed services like backups and server provision.

IT is a great enabler for all kinds of businesses; no matter what sector they’re in. Data continues to grow in importance. MSPs that can help their customers use it to their advantage – using tools like Microsoft PowerApps – will continue to accelerate growth all-round.


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