Microsoft Teams free 6 months trial

Monday, March 30, 2020

To show their support during this pandemic, Microsoft is offering its paid version of Microsoft Teams for six months, for free.

Tweet from the Microsoft EVP and President

We’ve worked to make this trial quickly available in, to our partners who are new to Microsoft Teams.

Enable your customers to quickly and easily share documents, conduct team video calls and more, free of charge.

Here's how you can deploy the trial, although our team are always on hand to help - 0333 332 0888.

To find out more about the trial, please refer to the Teams Trial FAQ.

Remote working is now more important than ever

We expect to see a significant increase in the need of collaboration tools as the recent global health concern has many companies asking their employees to work from home.

Watch our 'Introducing Collaborative Working' webinar recording to give you an overview of Teams, Microsoft 365 and Business Voice.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Built into Office 365 and Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork which combines chat, calling and document collaboration into a single, integrated app. Over the last couple of years, Microsoft has worked heavily with Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and customers alike on improving the rich feature-set in Teams. Now, Teams is ready for your most demanding customers. It’s not just an upgrade from Skype for Business – it’s a complete solution for effective collaboration and communication.

What features can you expect in Microsoft Teams?

If your customers are unfamiliar with Teams, this great two-minute video tour will help them understand the features and benefits of the application.

Effective meetings, anywhere and everywhere

Teams enables your customers to integrate scheduling, note taking, desktop sharing, file uploading and chat messaging for online meetings.

Cut down on wasted time
Organise work with Planner and publish work to calendars to keep everyone in the business on the same page.

Retain complete version control and share files securely
Know who edited what document and when, while being able to securely upload to a selected group of people or the whole business.

Learn more about Microsoft Teams
Tips for effective remote work by Microsoft


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