A single pane of glass – Nuvolex excels with admin & automation platform

Thursday, January 14, 2021

We’re very proud of the work we’ve done so far with Nuvolex, and as the first partner to provide their ManageX tool in the UK, we want to show that it’s an application that can have big benefits for your clients.

Specifically designed for MSPs, ManageX is all about making your clients’ lives easier. It’s essentially a single platform where users can take care of daily admin for Microsoft 365 as well as Azure – automating mundane tasks to save time and money.

We were able to work with a select group of our customers to trial the tool earlier in the year but now, following its official release on our platform, we wanted to outline all of the benefits it can offer.

Grounded In A Common Problem

The idea for ManageX came about when Nuvolex – then an MSP themselves – found that managing a large number of clients became increasingly difficult. They saw staff weighed down by a variety of laborious tasks – that stopped them being able to focus on what was really important.

This had a knock-on effect, as many technical issues were being escalated to more senior IT staff. Nuvolex knew that there had to be a better way and so they began to focus on a new goal – creating ManageX.

Multiple Management

Nuvolex describes ManageX as a “Single Pane of Glass” which provides a transparent look across all of the services that MSPs are managing. With the ability to manage an unlimited number of tenants, licences, and user objects all at once, ManageX is designed to grow with each MSP business.

Teams can move between clients quickly and easily – without the need for logging in and out of individual user accounts. What might seem like a small time saving here increases massively when you consider the scale of a standard support desk.

Speed & Security

ManageX is different from other management tools in that it can automate a great deal of in-tenant as well as cross-tenant admin. Nuvolex has shown that this can lead to cloud service support queries being dealt with between three and five times faster.

The platform's benefits are often two-fold, and in this case these efficiencies help MSPs save time and money by giving their teams more time to focus on more technical customer requests. These increases in efficiency internally also mean that customers have increased satisfaction and in many cases become more resilient as their requests – potentially security-related – are dealt with more quickly, thus reducing risk.

Some MSPs have struggled with migrating from on-premises systems to hybrid, and even fully cloud based solutions. Many end users are adopting cloud dominant practices in an effort to save money, facilitate remote working, and optimise the security that comes with a distributed cloud solution.

Compliance & Consistency

Compliance is a really important part of modern IT infrastructure and with many clients working remotely, ensuring that this is maintained is crucial. As an MSP, managing this process can be tricky, but with ManageX, it’s made simple.

For instance, you can save Microsoft 365 service configurations for Azure, Exchange, OneDrive and more – so that a template for installation can create consistent user settings. This means newly enrolled users get the right experience every time – without the client worrying about access rights or security.

While his software is designed to make life easier for MSPs, there are also a range of positive effects for your clients. You can use Nuvolex ManageX to monitor service usage and licencing demands within your clients' businesses. This can help your teams stay in contact with clients and gives you the opportunity to unseal services when it’s clear that demand is present.It’s also a great way to keep your customers in the loop on their own licencing resources.

We are truly proud to be partnered with Nuvolex, they have a deep knowledge of the pain points MSPs face, and have used this knowledge to tackle those problems. Microsoft cloud service usage is still growing at a fantastic rate – prompted by the continued distribution of businesses and people. Because of this, we believe that ManageX as a management platform offers so many potential improvements in efficiency. that demand for the product is going to go from strength to strength.

We’ve got an array of resources to support your journey to Nuvolex ManageX – including complete walkthroughs from our experts. as well as live demos to show you the depth and power of the platform.

We know our customers can get so much value from ManageX and so we want to do everything we can to show you that.


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