Nuvolex ManageX™ has officially landed in Cloud Market

Friday, October 2, 2020

We’re pleased to announce that the Nuvolex ManageX™ platform is officially available in our Cloud Market portal!

All the way from across the Atlantic to the UK, and available exclusively through Giacom, here’s why we're excited to bring this game changing solution to our existing productivity portfolio...

What is it?

Solving the number one pain point for MSPs - Nuvolex ManageX™ is a 'Single Pane Of Glass' administration portal, where you can easily manage all of your customers and the Microsoft Cloud Services they consume. Learn more about Nuvolex ManageX™.

30-day free trial

We’re always looking for new ways to support our customers, and that’s why we're offering a FREE 30-day trial so you can try before you buy, explore the product and really understand its benefits for FREE! Start provisioning or sign up today.

Why choose it?

The Nuvolex ManageX™ platform is designed to simplify your daily administration and save you time and money, with features such as:

  • The heavy automation of daily administration of Microsoft 365
  • The ability to manage hybrid identity environments and all Microsoft 365 workloads from a single user interface
  • The ability to dramatically reduce support tickets escalations for Microsoft 365
  • The tools to increase Microsoft 365 administrative security and access control
  • The ability to significantly reduce customer support costs for all things Microsoft cloud

“Our 150+ IT administrators around the world rely on the ManageX™ platform every day to manage our 55,000 Office 365 users. Nuvolex ManageX™ is a critical component of our corporate wide cloud strategy.” - Omnicom Group Inc

Join the discussion

If you’re new to Nuvolex, why not join the discussion on our Community and see how others are using it and ask any questions you may have.

And if you’re a little more experienced, then why not share your experience. Tell us how Nuvolex changed the way you work. Is there a common challenge you think another MSP might be facing that Nuvolex could help with? Give advice if you have any, let’s use this space to help and support each other.

Join the discussion at the Giacom Community.

Want to know more?

Our Nuvolex experts are always on hand to for a complete walkthrough of the ManageX™ platform and any questions you may have, why not book a demo or simply call us on 0333 332 0888.


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