Cyber Security News: Sophos 2022 Threat Report

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Check out the latest cyber security report from Sophos, the worldwide leader in next-generation cyber security. Sophos protect more than 500,000 organisations and millions of consumers in more than 150 countries from today’s most advanced cyber threats - they know what they’re on about!

Cyber Security Trojan Virus Malware

Following Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Sophos have released their latest annual threat report. This useful report covers main five topics:

  • Malware: Current trends and future forecasts
  • Mobile: What’s happening with mobile security and how criminals are bypassing Apple and Google’s security barriers
  • Machine Learning and AI: How cyber criminals are using AI for more sophisticated attacks
  • Ransomware: Last year’s noticeable increase of ransomware attacks and the cultural impact of these crimes
  • Planning: How you can best protect yourself in the future from cyber attacks

Rather than grab a few figures off one scientist, Sophos made sure their report is as credible as possible, by combining the research of many departments such as: SophosLabs, Sophos Managed Threat Response, Sophos Rapid Response, and Sophos Artificial Intelligence.

As their CEO Joe Levy states, Sophos strives for credibility (They mean what they say), transparency (They say what they mean), and scientific rigor (They take care to say only what they know).

Cyber Security Spy Virus Threat

Click below to read the full report now!

Sophos Threat Report 2022


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