Gamma infuses Microsoft Teams with full call functionality

Friday, January 15, 2021

Imagine having access to a fully fledged telephony system within everyone’s favourite remote working collaboration platform - Microsoft Teams.

Thanks to Gamma, a leading supplier of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), we can now offer this service to our customers here at Giacom. Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams, provides Managed Services Providers (MSPs) a fantastic upsell opportunity – one that can be easily bolted-on to any of Microsoft 365’s other apps and features.

Streamlined, Scalable, & Affordable

Direct Routing integrates perfectly with Teams and doesn’t alter any of the core experience or features. It simply enables users to make domestic and international calls by streamlining communication from a single platform – providing improved efficiencies for call handling staff.

Gamma’s network currently accommodates over one billion business minutes every month so it’s safe to say product support is resilient - with a high level of availability and a high standard of call quality.

One of the great benefits of Direct Routing is its cost savings. Not only is it cheaper than standard Microsoft calling plans it’s also a completely scalable solution. As user levels fluctuate you can quickly redistribute your resources in line with your business’ needs. With a 30 day rolling contract term as standard, as well as flat user pricing, Direct Routing can be quickly brought in with clear costs and no long term commitment.

Another notable cost saving is in the hardware associated with a regular telephone system. No additional handsets are required – meaning any Teams user with a microphone input can use Direct Routing to the fullest. Reducing CAPEX spending is also helpful at a time when many companies are having to provide their teams with laptops or improved hardware for home working.

Futureproof & Flexible

With the massive uptake in remote working, having a flexible solution that is cloud-based and completely scalable is ideal for supporting a distributed workforce. Given that Direct Routing is a cloud solution, constant updates are available and there is no risk of hardware becoming outdated – unlike other popular software solutions that are already being phased out, like Skype for Business which Microsoft will cease supporting in 2021.

As part of Gamma’s offering, SIP Trunk Call Manager comes as standard with a variety of benefits that help implement Direct Routing into businesses. Not only do these features allow Direct Routing to compete against traditional telephony systems but they also demonstrate how voice communication can be used on a single, unified platform – creating a brilliant collaborative experience.

No Interruption Of Service

Keeping track of call statistics is a mainstay in modern telephone systems. With most phone systems in the current age, there will be a level of integration with a standard IT setup. Needless to say, with Direct Routing there are a comprehensive range of call statistics available which can help users manage communication practices within their businesses. The statistics can help monitor productivity and efficiency as well as spot trends in busy times of the day to enable customers to direct resources more effectively.

On top of the convenience of access and call monitoring analytics, Gamma gives the option to use an existing number when using Direct Routing, which means there will be no interruption in calls and no risk of breakdown in communication through changed contact details. All of this is available at no extra cost.

Gamma Direct Routing is also without a doubt, the best way to get the most out of any calling plan for Teams. As well as being more cost-effective than, say, Microsoft 365 Business Voice, it also includes fraud protection and disaster recovery – which are both becoming crucial as our working environments become more distributed and cybersecurity takes centre stage.

Whether it’s the cost savings, rich list of features, ease of access or all the above, Direct Routing is the perfect solution for keeping teams and customers connected. If you are already selling Teams and Microsoft Business Voice you are in the perfect position to upsell Gamma Direct Routing. If you aren’t then what are you waiting for?

At Giacom we can help identify your customers’ needs by taking a look into their individual requirements. Once we have established these we can offer tailored training and resources to help support you during the onboarding to a new service. It doesn’t matter if they need something quick and easy such as Calling Plans for Microsoft 365 or something more feature-rich and fully-tailored like Gamma Direct Routing – we can help you get started.


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