Tech talking point: How to earn big with VoIP through CloudTalk

Friday, September 14, 2018

The VoIP market is expected to grow by at least 9% between 2018 and 2021 to be worth over £100 billion worldwide. Yet despite this growth, many businesses, particularly SMEs still do not understand why they need VoIP.

Almost as many are held back by fear of the migration process, and even those businesses that have already adopted VoIP are often using it for only the most basic of purposes rather than exploring its real potential. Here at Giacom, we’ve seen huge interest in reselling VoIP with CloudTalk , particularly from those resellers who have opted for our NFR licenses.

So why the discrepancy and lack of market penetration in the SME sector? Customers are ready and waiting, they just need a little hand holding to get them over the line. So, how do you pitch VoIP to your customers?


Our cloud resellers tell us that end users love it when you tell them that there are no limits (up or down) to the product you’re pitching. A scalable product always makes their investment and migration worth the effort. It’s why you can easily assign users to numbers at the touch of a few buttons.

A complete solution

CloudTalk offers an unrivalled suite of features (and more importantly, benefits). When you can offer a comprehensive solution that negates the need to work with more than one vendor, you’re winning points already. So, should your end users want to purchase a Jabra headset to go with their CloudTalk app suite, they can. Plus, the unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles really does offer great value to your customers and the migration costs are modest, making the switch frictionless.

Security & compliance

This is a key concern of many SMEs, particularly when selling cloud solutions. CloudTalk is offered out of the box with security measures that will give your customers peace of mind. For example, you can reassure them that their data is secured and safe within a UK-based datacentre and that calls can be recorded for compliance regulatory purposes.

Next steps...

OK, so let’s push the technical features and benefits to one side and focus on the value proposition. Feedback we’ve had already suggests that selling CloudTalk’s benefits work best, including productivity, cost savings, team collaboration and mobility.

There are always reasons to block a sale, but the key to getting a deal over the line is to address and overcome the objections you face when pitching and negotiating. Here’s a couple of ways that you can smooth the path to a sale…

Make migration easy

Nearly all businesses have a degree of fear when considering migrating to new software, processes or systems, particularly in the case of voice communications that are often the lifeblood of a business.

With CloudTalk, migration is simple and pain-free, so make sure you spell out how migration would work, what you’ll do to ease the burden and reduce risk. If you’re confident, they’ll more likely share in this enthusiasm too. Consider giving them something tangible like a PDF from the Giacom Academy that walks them through the transition process.

Incentivise the migration

Offer an incentive to sign up to CloudTalk. While it’s tempting to simply discount, you often get more success by being creative. Perhaps throw in a bonus add-on from another part of your Giacom portfolio if they commit to a certain length of time, or number of CloudTalk numbers. Consider a discount for volume too if you’re working with a larger business.

Whatever you chose, be careful not to devalue your proposition. CloudTalk is keenly priced before giving away your hard-earned margin – if prospects see you giving too much away, it will almost certainly cheapen the product in the eyes of your end users.

Compare and Contrast

There is choice in the VoIP market – make sure you make the most of Giacom Academy material that shows the benefits of choosing CloudTalk. From price to flexibility, call features to collaboration, it’s important that you show the benefits of CloudTalk versus the competition.


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