usecure - The 2022 guide to reducing human cyber risk

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Cyber criminals don’t just target your assets - they target your staff. Many data breaches are the result of human error and lack of awareness. usecure’s Cyber Awareness Training platform creates a security minded workplace that are prepared for any type of cyber-attack.

usecure Threat Report

usecure have now released their latest threat report The 2022 Guide to Reducing Human Cyber Risk. This insightful report gives an up-to-date overview of their solution and it’s benefits. Download it today to share with your partners - or even better - we can email you a version in your own branding, within minutes for free!

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We’ve handpicked some of the top stats and highlights below.

  • Humans are the #1 cause of cyber security breaches
  • 85% of data breaches involve the human element
  • Negligent employees cause about 62% of security incidents

4 key causes of a user-related data breach

Human Error
Even a small mistake could result in data loss and large fines. 52% of businesses admit that employees are their biggest weakness in IT security*.

Employee falling for a phishing attack
Phishing attacks are becoming more targeted and sophisticated than ever, making them the most common type of security breach.

Employee mishandling credential
Staff negligence such as attaching the wrong file or misdirecting an email account for 62% of all security incidents.

Lack of security policies and processes
Security policies help guide employee’s to handle information securely, without any in place staff are unsure of how to report attacks or protect sensitive data.

*Source: usecure website

About usecure

usecure is a global provider of innovative solutions that centre around empowering your users to make better security decisions in their daily work life. Everything they do is targeted towards one goal: transforming your customers workforce into a cyber security asset.

Their software is designed to simplify and minimise the complexity, cost and resource-heavy administering of security awareness training by offering a highly effective, pain-free solution, that’s supported by a passionate team of infosec specialists.

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