Which Azure Storage is best for your customers?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Like keeping your valuables safe, you want to keep your customers’ data secure. It’s as vital for you as it is for their own customers. So finding ways to keep their data as safe and secure as you can is an important business strategy.

Microsoft Azure Storage is a cloud service that provides a place to put data that’s easy to use, able to scale to suit your customers’ needs and is long-lasting. The best bit is, you don’t need to look after it and maintain it, it’s managed by Microsoft and they do it all for you.

There’s three different kinds of storage, so you can pick the one that suits your customers best; Blob Storage, File Storage and Queue Storage.

Blob Storage

You know how you store files in your computer – text documents, images, logs and excel files? Blob files acts like folders for these and makes it easy for you to share around the world by using a URL or web address. There are three different sizes and types, holding up to 8TB and you can easily upload, download or export data sets using them.

File Storage

Your customers’ files need to be accessible and available in different formats. While it uses standard protocols for added security File Storage is useful. Access the file anywhere using a URL but also have a shared access signature token so you can offer access for a specific amount of time.

It’s easy to migrate data and configure files and bring in multiple developers so everyone can access the same file and use the same version.

Queue Storage

Sending messages is part and parcel of day-to-day life in business, but it’s also an important way of using and sharing data. Using Queue Storage you can store and receive them and store lists of messages. It’s useful for reducing processing time and giving users more control over storing data.

Managing and storing customers’ data safely and securely is an increasingly important part of business activity. Being able to use secure sites and manage access using a platform like Azure enables you to offer an easier way to manage data.

Encryption keeps files and data secure. Enabling a Storage Service Encryption (SSE) encrypts and decrypts data, so it can be read but stays secure. You can also choose to use client libraries to store data for clients and ensure it is encrypted as its sent to and fro. Encryption in transit is a vital element of Azure, making it easier to share data for business, but ensure its safe and secure while doing so.

Flexibility and availability are key, allowing you to adopt a system that best suits your customers’ needs, whether it’s making it easier for their own customers, or a way in which the public can access files safely or make it easier to upload files.


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