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Protect Office 365 users from spear-phishing & BEC attacks other solutions miss

With 120 million business users worldwide, Office 365 is an irresistible target for cyber criminals. Without a layered security approach, many users can be left vulnerable to sophisticated email-borne attacks, leaving their business open to significant financial and reputational damage. Advanced Email Security for Office 365 by Vade Secure closes those security gaps and blocks zero-day threats that other solutions might miss. It bolts itself onto Exchange Online Protection as a complementary layer of protection and uses AI-based machine learning to predict patterns of new and emerging threats. Set and forget email protection that lives inside Office 365, so resellers don’t have to.

Instant Deployment, Instant
Intelligence, Superior Protection


Vade Secure is fully integrated with Microsoft’s API for Office 365, meaning it can be deployed in minutes without requiring an MX record change or complex configurations. You can easily run a zero-risk trial period – for around five days – in the default monitoring mode too, enabling Vade Secure to analyse your customer’s emails without activating email defence. A full report would be supplied after the initial monitoring period, breaking down the outcome of what would have happened in active mode. Vade Secure goes above and beyond the level of protection available from other solutions, keeping your customers secure and sticky.

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Great product features for your customers


360° email protection

Protects users against the most complex email-borne attacks, including malware, ransomware, phishing, spear phishing and spam, for complete peace of mind

Identity match

Builds a technical and behavioural profile for every individual a user interacts with to determine if the sender is an imposter, helping users avoid the most sophisticated spear-phishing attacks

99.99% spam capture rate

Vade Secure achieves a 99.99 percent catch rate with essentially a zero percent false-positive rate (less than 0.00001 percent), resulting in supreme protection against spam

Time-bombed URL protection

Real-time exploration of URLs determine whether it’s fraudulent when it first comes through a mailbox and any time a user attempts to click a link, protecting from both sides

Safe unsubscribe

One-click safe unsubscribe easily eliminates unwanted communications such as graymail, allowing users to have a cleaner inbox

Bolts onto EOP

Vade Secure’s solution works natively with Office 365 and Exchange Online Protection, enhancing its security tools with real-time threat intelligence


Vade Secure is API-based, so there’s no redirections or MX record changes making deployment instantaneous


Easy one-click protection for your customers against email-borne threats


All customer data is stored in EU Azure datacentres and is encrypted at transit and at rest


Reduce customer churn by bundling Vade Secure into your MSP offer for recurring revenue


Exclusive discounts with Giacom – one of the first cloud distributors in the UK to provide Vade Secure


Anti-Spear Phishing to identify and detect BEC attacks through AI and machine-based learning


Two complementary virus scanners

Giacom, as a company, just works. The Cloud Market is easy to use, creating accounts takes seconds, and there’s always new offers which we can then market to our customers. The team deserve praise for the service they provide, they make any reseller look good!

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Support from our account manager has been outstanding and the billing experience is particularly easy compared to the two previous CSP providers we have worked with. We have commented on several occasions to Microsoft that Giacom is the easiest CSP solution we have used.

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Giacom are great to work with and we would highly recommend their services. The working relationship fits perfectly with us – everything is so effortless, friendly and professional. They are great to do business with and are up to date with the constant change and new products in the IT world.

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